Jorge Olavo Pitta Pinheiro


Dear Yayoi When I started to study English with you, my plan was to be able to travel around the world without any problems. After three and a half years, I would like to thank you because I feel confident speaking English to other people. I know that I still need to learn a lot and I believe you are the right person to teach me because you are very kind and you understand my difficulties. Thank you. Jorge Olavo Pitta Pinheiro

Andrea Hoffmann da Rocha


I have been studying English at Oficina de Letras for a long time. I have class with my husband, Rafael. Our teacher, Yayoi is wonderful. We use an English Book and we talk a lot in the class, only in English. This is very good because we talk about our lives and real things. The book is good because it is possible to study at home about grammar. We have interesting homework. I started studying English because I need to read and write articles and I would like to speak English. The class is very important and helps me a lot.

Samile Andréa de Souza Vanz

professor at the UFRGS

Hi Teacher! How are you? I am fine, very happy here in China. I am attending some Chinese Classes because just few people speak English here. It is great to know some words to talk with my helper, with Sophia's teacher, taxi drivers, and so on... I am writing to say that you have been a wonderful teacher! I met 2 Americans, a French and a Mexican, and I can talk with them perfectly. In the University I can also understand everybody. Thank you very much for your classes! I am talking in English with Sophia and she is improving her English (in fact, I suppose she has her own English, because every day she says a new English/Chinese word). This exercise is good for me and for her! Kisses! Samile

Daniela De Bastiani


Hello Yayoi! I am sending you this email to say that we are both going to Australia in some days. Jonata is going next month, he will take 6 months of English course before going to college and I'm going in October, and I'll take 3 months of English classes before college. Thank you for your classes, they were very useful. Kisses, Dani and Jonata.

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