Adriane Bevilaqua

product engineer

Hi teacher!!! How are you?? I\'m fine and I have newsssss!! I received a letter from my host family in Canada! I\'ll stay with a lady who is 60 years old, her name is Lorraine. She has 2 small dogs and her occupation is \"Food Service\" (I don\'t know exactly what it is, but it\'s something about food! Hehe). I called Lorraine, but I was really nervous and it was difficult to understand her. But I understood that there are other students in her house, but we\'ll be in different rooms. I didn\'t understand if the other student is she or he, his name and his nationality... She said that my English is good, but I was sad because I didn\'t get to understand the whole conversation... Also She said that the school receptionist will pick me up at the airport, her name is Monica and she is Brazilian. Lorraine seemed very nice! I looked the place up in Google Earth and it seems to be a very good neighborhood. I also found a webpage about this neighborhood! The only problem is that it is very far form the school (that is located downtown), but other people said that it is normal, because all the families are located far from downtown. But my host family is good because it is near a train station, and there is a station near my school! Ok, this was the news. Kisses Adriane

Valentina Masques da Rosa

Psychology student

Teacher, You are awesome and this place is great. I hope you keep having a successful career. We can not imagine a time when you were not around. Hugs and kisses Valentina and Paola

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