Filipe Simões


Hello Yayoi! This year was very good. We have talked about manga and Japanese animation, like Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist. I’ve written about Mario Games and characters and I’ve shown you some. We’ve sung Utada Hikaru, Beatles and U2 songs. We’ve read about them and the Rolling Stones too. Next year I wanna start creating some stories and characters. I wanna start learning some basic Japanese for my trip next summer. I would like to keep doing all the things we did this year, including grammar exercises. I wanna work with manga and Japanese animation again. Thank you for everything. Filipe Simões

Roberto Plein

Shop owner

I’ve been studying English with Yayoi for several years. She is great because she is successful in teaching me despite my difficulties and my bad memory and pronunciation. I don’t have the time or opportunities to practice outside the classroom. But I’ve noticed that my dialogs are better when I need to speak with others. I’ve just traveled to the USA and I really didn’t have as many problems as I did in other trips. My English has been greatly improved by my teacher Yayoi. Roberto Plein

Jonata Ribeiro

University student

Hi Yayoi, How are you? Do you remember me? haha I was here writing an essay for my English course when I thought about you. Anyway, I don’t have anything to say, just hello and I’d also like to ask how things are going there in Brazil? As you can see, I still have a lot to improve (talking about my English), but I can communicate quite well now. Moreover, I’m enjoying everything here, Brisbane is beautiful and all the places that I visit, oh gosh, amazing. I am sending you pictures of the last two places that I went, Stradbroke Island and Fraser Island. Ok, I think that’s all. All the best teacher! Jonata Ribeiro

Alex Saucier


My English experience with you has been interesting and rich. I feel more confidence at work and I notice every day I feel more comfortable with sentences and words in English. My language understanding is better when it comes to articles or interviews, and the dialogs in class are improving day after day. On the other hand, it is difficult not to understand conversations in movies or the news. I recognized my need to practice more listening, and to keep the focus on this point. This is my actual priority. Normally, the classes are extremely productive and friendly, particularly because the teacher understands my needs and she has patience with my personal conflicts. I just dislike it when the teacher breaks my line of thinking by asking questions when I am describing a subject. This point is not nice, because it stops me from completing an idea. In a general way, I feel so good with my classes and I will try to get more practice outside the classroom.

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