No Reservations - Movie Review

Em 23/07/2008
This movie review was written by Guilherme Luiz Pereira da Silva.

It is a movie directed by Scott Hicks, with Catharine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart and Abigail Breslin.

It is about a chef called Kate, played by Catherina Zeta-Jones, who works in an...

Book Review — Clapton: The Autobiography

Em 23/07/2008
I read Eric Clapton's autobiography last summer. It wasn't the best book I have ever read, but it is the one I remember best. I was reading a magazine when I got to know about this book and I was interested, because I like this guitar player's CDs and...

Find out more about Brazilian Carnival

Em 09/07/2008
This text has been sent by our student Ana Leticia Vanz de Souza.

Carnival is one of the most popular and animated parties in the world. There are many possible origins for this party, but the most popular is based on the Portuguese "entrudo", where...

Something's Gotta Give - Movie Review

Em 13/06/2008
Something's Gotta Give

Direct by Nancy Meyers, Something's Gotta Give is a comedy about an old man (Harry Sanborn) dating a young woman (Marin). They decided to go to the beach house on the weekend where they were surprised by the young woman’s mother...

Bee Movie - movie review

Em 13/06/2008
Title and main details:

Directed by Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner.

Written by Jerry Seinfeld and Cristina Steiberg.

Type of movie:



Jerry Seinfeld, Ren Zellweger, Matthew Broderich, John Goodman, Chris...

The Accidental Tourist - Movie Review

Em 03/06/2008
This movie review was written by Guilherme Luiz Pereira da Silva.

The Accidental Tourist is a movie based on an Anne Tyler book. It is directed by Lawrence Kasdan, with William Hurt, Geena Davis and Kathleen Turner.

The movie is about a man called...

The Brave One - Movie Review

Em 25/04/2008
The movie is about a woman called Erica Bain, played by Jodie Foster. She is a radio announcer in New York. She has a program in a radio where she speaks about the city and its noises. She has a fiancée who is a doctor, and they would get married, but...

Adriane's report from Canada

Em 21/04/2008
Hello teacher!! How are you?? Sorry for only writing you now, I was busy...

Canada is really a beautiful country!!! I love it... Calgary is an amazing city!!

My host mom is Canadian (she was born in Calgary) and I`m living with a Korean girl, too....

Book review — "The diary of a young girl"

Em 15/04/2008
"The diary of a young girl", by Anne Frank

I finally finished an English book that my teacher asked me to read. The book is called "The diary of a young girl" by Anne Frank. I knew a little bit about the story, and when I started reading it I couldn't...

Cover Letter Sample

Em 01/04/2008
Take a look at the cover letter sent by our student Andrea Pires dos Santos.

Dear Employer,

This letter is a formal application for the Laboratory Technician position for the Comparative Pathobiology Department at Purdue University presenting my...