About my wife

Em 15/10/2019 por Marcio.
Vanessa Castro
Haircut Saloon administrator and a pet enthusiastic
1) What’s her background?
My wife is 37, we have a nine-year-old-boy and we all live together in Porto Alegre, Vila Nova neighborhood. She has a degree in Marketing, a line of Business...

About my best friend

Em 11/10/2019 por Diego Mariano da Rocha.
My best friend is called Marcus. We met in Capão Novo Beach. He was my neighbor. Marcus was the first person I met at the beach. A curious fact is that he dated my sister Vanessa for long years. Now, he’s married to Vanessa, but this vanessa isn’t...

Video summary

Em 28/08/2019 por Debora Idalgo.
The racial wealth gap in the United States of America

Just one hundred years ago, the wealth of American was financed by slaves. They were considered wealth, and when America transformed into a country, two racial barrier were created in the United...

About new year’s in NY

Em 28/08/2019 por Rosa Mara Borges da Silveira.
On Monday (December 31st) we were planning to visit the Statue of Liberty and had bought the tickets to the crown on the internet. It was a cloudy day but it didn’t rain in the morning. I took pictures on the cruise (picture 14). Reaching the crown...

Video summary - TED

Em 27/08/2019 por Marina Aspesi.
TED TALKS: The secrets of learning a new language

The video starts with Lydia saying that she learns a new language every 2 years and she is able to speak eight languages. In order to better understand this learning process, she decided to go to a...

About my carnival

Em 26/08/2019 por Marina Aspesi.
During the carnival holiday I went to the beach with my boyfriend and my family. It was nice because my routine was so busy that I couldn’t enjoy my time with them. The weather was really good, so we went to the beach and the pool...

About my cousin

Em 23/08/2019 por Sarah Hoffmann da Rocha.
This is my cousin’s picture in the playground in my house. His name is Samuel. He is 2. He is happy. He is Brazilian.

Written by Sarah Hoffmann da Rocha...

About Guilherme

Em 22/08/2019 por Guilherme Loss.
My name is Guilherme Loss de Morais, I was born in Porto Alegre in the middle of the summer of 1983 at 6:15 am. I am the first of three kids. My brother Victor is 3 years younger than me and my sister Fernanda is 6 years younger than me. My parents raised...

About my best friend

Em 21/08/2019 por Marcia Cristina Pereira Bremermann.
My best friend is Tania. She is cheerful and communicative. We met each other 26 years ago. She was my college classmate and my maid of honor also. During the law school we traveled to Portugal. Currently, we see each other little because she has two...

My childhood memories of the Summer

Em 20/08/2019 por Marcio.
My childhood memories of the Summer

When I was a kid I used to stay almost all summer at the beach with my family. I remember that after the school year ended, my father, my mother, my sister and I travelled to our beach house, in Arroio do Sal city,...

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