About my cousin

Em 23/08/2019 por Sarah Hoffmann da Rocha.
This is my cousin’s picture in the playground in my house. His name is Samuel. He is 2. He is happy. He is Brazilian.

Written by Sarah Hoffmann da Rocha...

About Guilherme

Em 22/08/2019 por Guilherme Loss.
My name is Guilherme Loss de Morais, I was born in Porto Alegre in the middle of the summer of 1983 at 6:15 am. I am the first of three kids. My brother Victor is 3 years younger than me and my sister Fernanda is 6 years younger than me. My parents raised...

About my best friend

Em 21/08/2019 por Marcia Cristina Pereira Bremermann.
My best friend is Tania. She is cheerful and communicative. We met each other 26 years ago. She was my college classmate and my maid of honor also. During the law school we traveled to Portugal. Currently, we see each other little because she has two...

My childhood memories of the Summer

Em 20/08/2019 por Marcio.
My childhood memories of the Summer

When I was a kid I used to stay almost all summer at the beach with my family. I remember that after the school year ended, my father, my mother, my sister and I travelled to our beach house, in Arroio do Sal city,...

About music

Em 19/08/2019 por Nikoli Zasso Sá.
Music is a type of art composed of melody, harmony and rhythm. Melody is something that we can sing and is the main voice of the song. Harmony is the mix of musical notes that will be the base for the melody. And then, rhythm is the timekeeping of the...

About future plans

Em 16/08/2019 por Juliana Wust Tedesco.
I’m going to start my project for Pilates this year.
I’m going to run half marathon in Porto Alegre next year.
This year I’m not going to travel, but next year I’m going to travel to Disney with my mother and Francesca my daughter. I’m going...

About my trip to South Africa

Em 15/08/2019 por Iris Hollick.
This text has been written by our Japanese student Iris Hollick. In order to read the whole story, please select Japanese....

About a blog I follow

Em 14/08/2019 por Marina Aspesi.
I like reading a blog called “Steal the Look”. It’s a company founded by two girls from Porto Alegre, that moved to São Paulo to start working there. They started showing looks by famous people and they would tell people where they can find similar...

Video summary

Em 13/08/2019 por Marcia Cristina Pereira Bremermann.
About the story of a young man named Veridian who received from his father Nicolas as an inheritance a gold-making machine. The machine used the alchemist’s best family memories as fuel.
The story is told by Veridian’s daughter.
The alchemist abandoned...

About my trip to New York V

Em 19/07/2019 por Rosa Mara Borges da Silveira.
On Sunday (December 30th) we went to South Central Park and Columbus Circle. We went there by subway. First, we took pictures at Columbus Circle (picture 7); then, we walked to Dakota Building, where John Lennon used to live (picture 8). We visited Strawberry...

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