About Sarah

Em 14/06/2019 por Sarah Hoffmann da Rocha.
Hello, my name is Sarah. Iam Brazilian My school is Rosário, in Porto Alegre. My best friends are Laura and Carmen.

This is a picture of me and my friend in school. This is Laura. She is Brazilian. She is a student. She is 11. She is joyful.


About my best friend

Em 13/06/2019 por Luis Enrique Elizeire Bremermann.
My best friend is Fred. We were high school classmates, three years in which we had lots of parties and trips. Then we went to college, he went on to Advertising and I went to law school, but still we kept in touch and went out together. After graduating...

Video summary

Em 12/06/2019 por Luis Enrique Elizeire Bremermann.
The video The Alchemist’s Letter is about love, family, and memories. It tells the story of Nicolas, an alchemist who creates a machine that turns any metal into gold, but is fueled by his memories. Because of his greed Nicolas loses his wife, leaving...

About Joseane

Em 11/06/2019 por Joseane Biso de Carvalho.
Self Presentation

My name is Joseane, I’m 39 years old, I was born on December 12, 1979, in the city of Loanda, in the countryside of the state of Paraná. I always lived in the state of Paraná, particularly in the city of Maringá. In Maringá,...

Video summary

Em 10/06/2019 por Vladimir Soares Aquino.
It mostly matters where the water is. Mexico city gets more rain than notoriously rainy London, but the lakes that would have collected that water are long gone, so the city floods. They still need to pipe in most of their water from other parts of Mexico...

About my best friend

Em 07/06/2019 por Juliana Wust Tedesco.
Hi teacher,
I’m fine, and you?
Today I’ll tell you about Vanessa my best friend.
We met in university in 1999.
We lived together during the physiotherapy course. She is very special.
We talk, we fight, we cry and we laugh.
She is Francesca’s...

Risotto recipe

Em 06/06/2019 por Giovana Jardim Campos.
Risotto recipe

100 g rice
30 ml wine
40g butter
About 5 scoops of chicken or vegetable broth
Your favorite topping

Chop the onions
Squeeze onion juice to make it less acid
Cook the onions in butter and when they start to smell add the rice...

New opportunities

Em 05/06/2019 por Alessandra dos Reis Enck.
I would like to participate in this program for four great reasons. First of all, I would like to improve my English. My English at the moment is good, but I want to improve it, so, if I have this contact with other regions and with this class, I belive...

Video summary - TED

Em 04/06/2019 por Guilherme Loss.
The TED talk with Adam Grant, a psychologist was about the habits and characteristics of original thinkers. This kind of people usually perform some procrastination. I think that some procrastination could be positive, make your brain more relaxed and...

About what represents me

Em 03/06/2019 por Nikoli Zasso Sá.
Things I think represent me
My attitudes: There is one attitude that I don’t know if I like or dislike: being rude with my closest friends. I always thought that a friendship was a true one if we got to a point we can say things, things that we wouldn’t...

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