About what represents me

Em 03/06/2019 por Nikoli Zasso Sá.
Things I think represent me
My attitudes: There is one attitude that I don’t know if I like or dislike: being rude with my closest friends. I always thought that a friendship was a true one if we got to a point we can say things, things that we wouldn’t say to other people, hoping they would know it is only a joke. But almost everytime I double check to see if these people realize the joke. However, the attitudes that I want to have with everyone else is to be kind and respectful.
Clothes: I don’t have a specific style of clothes. Sometimes I am gothic and then a princess or just casual. So specific clothes don’t represent me. But I chose this topic because I think all these styles show who I am: a varied person.
Habits: I am 100% sure that my habits determine who I am. What I do every day to get ready or to go to bed shows that. My to-do-list for the morning is the same everyday, so it became a habit. If I don’t do the stuff I feel that it’s not me.
Address: My address defines a lot of things about me: culture, language, traditions. It represents my tastes and almost everything about me. I carry my culture everywhere I go. For example, if I go outside my country, they can ask about my home and it will, immediately tell a lot about me.

Written by Nikoli Zasso Sá