About Joseane

Em 11/06/2019 por Joseane Biso de Carvalho.
Self Presentation

My name is Joseane, I’m 39 years old, I was born on December 12, 1979, in the city of Loanda, in the countryside of the state of Paraná. I always lived in the state of Paraná, particularly in the city of Maringá. In Maringá, I started to study Agronomy at University in 1998, and I received a Master’s degree in Plant Protection - Phytopathology at UEM in 2006. In 2006, when I finished my master’s degree, I moved to Porto Alegre, RS to start my studies in Phytopathology (Ph.D.) at UFRGS, in March 2006. I remember the day that I arrived in the city of Porto Alegre. It was 03/25/2006. I lived in Santa Cecilia street, in a family home. At the beginning it was very difficult, because I missed my family (my mom and my sister, because my father died on December 30, 1999) . But I had a lot of work to do. I talked to my mom and sister on the phone once a week, but it was not enough. I thought a lot of times about giving up and going home. So I studied and worked a lot, and with the support of the friends, I got used to my new life. One day, I decided to go out with my friends (Adriana, Mel, and Thanise) one night in Porto Alegre. We went to a bar called Opinião. On this day, Guilherme’s College group was promoting a party, a Biology party. Adriana and Thanise, my best friends were also Guilherme’s best friends. They invited me to the party. It was on this day that I met Guilherme on August 25, 2006. On September 7, 2006, we started dating and we’ve been together since. I finished my doctorate in 2009 in University, and I started postdoctoral studies in the same laboratory as Guilherme’s. He also did master’s and doctoral degrees at UFRGS. We worked on a different campus, then in the same Lab, then in different locations in Porto Alegre. In February 2010, we moved in together. In April 2013, Guilherme got a job here in Petrópolis, RJ, we were separated physically for almost 2 years. He would visit me, I came to visit him in Petropolis, or we traveled together. These years were pretty bad, but at least I had my sister and my mother living in Bento Gonçalves, RS. I visited them at least once or twice a month. But in October 2014, I moved to the south of Minas, in a city called Inconfidentes. I went to work as a teacher in the course of Agronomy of the Federal Institute of the South of Minas. I will not say it was easy to move there, but I learned many important things in life. And now Guilherme and I lived closer to each other. But my work contract was until December 2014. In December, I moved to Petropolis as well. I started working here as a postdoc in the field of bioinformatics in 2015, I had to learn many things, but with the help of Guilherme, everything was easier. In 2015, we got married. We work together in the same room. Sometimes we have some fights, but everything goes back to normal. Well, this is my story, it got a little long, but I was excited to write it.

Written by Joseane Biso de Carvalho