Risotto recipe

Em 06/06/2019 por Giovana Jardim Campos.
Risotto recipe

100 g rice
30 ml wine
40g butter
About 5 scoops of chicken or vegetable broth
Your favorite topping

Chop the onions
Squeeze onion juice to make it less acid
Cook the onions in butter and when they start to smell add the rice and salt
When the rice turns a little less white, put the wine and the chicken broth in.
Mix everything in low heat and stir as to make the number 8 (not to break the grain)
When the broth evaporates, put some more until it gets done
Get a grain of rice and squeeze it. If there are 3 balls inside the grain, you can add your favorite topping.
Cook for 1 or 2 more minutes and it’s ready.

Written by Giovana Jardim Campos