About the world water crisis

Em 24/10/2019 por Samile Andrea de Souza Vanz.
The world water crisis

Water is considered a human right. Despite Earth being called the blue planet, just a small part of this blue water is clear and fresh: 97% is salt water, 2% is frozen and 1% is considered water for human consumption, which is not enough for the whole world population.

Each person uses 6 liters of water a day, which might not be so much, considering that people in general are saving water and worried about it: many people are installing cisterns at home and using it for car wash and gardening, for example. The problem is that this personal use is the smallest part, corresponding to 8%. On the other hand agriculture uses 70% and industry 22%. So, according to the Netflix documentary, the big problem is the general consumption of products and food.

Regarding agriculture, cattle for meat production is the biggest responsible. To feed the animals it is necessary to use a lot of water, so, a simple hamburger accounts for liters and liters in the production of the tomato, the bread, the meat and the lettuce. It is obvious that we have a real problem to solve, but I personally disagree that the solution is charging the bill to the meat. People’s awareness and city solutions must be planned, like sanitary conditions to avoid pollution in rivers, saving water from rain (like Arabic cistern), and so on.

In my opinion, many campaigns and discourses are more political than real proposals. The main point is that people who protect animals’ rights use water consumption discourses to persuade people to become vegetarian.

Written by Samile Andrea de Souza Vanz