About my wife

Em 20/07/2020 por Angelo Silva.
Daniele is a Veterinarian. She comes from Santo Angelo in Rio Grande do Sul, but now she lives in Porto Alegre. She works five days a week at the Plantar Company in Canoas, metropolitan region of Porto Alegre. She is married to a Brazilian and has two...

About my routine

Em 17/07/2020 por Angelo Silva.
I get up at 7 o´clock every day of the week. I get dressed at 7:30. I work from 9 to 6. I work five days a week. My wife works four days a week out of home. My wife works once a week at home. My children study five days a week. I cook lunch every day....

Video summary - TED

Em 16/07/2020 por P.
TED Chimamanda

Chimamanda spoke about feminism in TED x Euston, 2012. She remembered a childhood friend because he called her a feminist, but that was not a complement. And she said it was hard to write a book about it, because other people said: “You...

About my house

Em 15/07/2020 por Angelo Silva.
My House

There are four bathrooms in my house. There are three bedrooms in my house. There is one kitchen in my house. There are three floors in my house. There is a garden. There is one bathroom on the first floor. There is a TV in my bedroom. There...

About my best friend

Em 08/07/2020 por Angelo Silva.
Franco is my best friend. He comes from Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul, but now he lives in Guaiba. He works five days a week as a police officer in Brigada Militar, metropolitan region of Porto Alegre. He is married to a Brazilian and he doesn´t...

Video summary - TED

Em 07/07/2020 por João Vitor Engeroff.
His name is Thomas Suares and he is twelve years old. Thomas created two apps. I noticed that his apps were for Apple. One of his apps is Earth Fortune and it changes color according to your fortune. I found it very interesting. And his last app is Bustin...

About my ideal kitchen

Em 25/06/2020 por Marina Aspesi.
My ideal kitchen would be an open kitchen, without doors between the kitchen and the living room. Because this way we can be connected with people while we are cooking so it makes the cooking process more enjoyable. I would like to have a big window with...

About a speech by JK Rowlings

Em 24/06/2020 por Marina Aspesi.
J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement

She started the speech by making some jokes and saying that she thought about the Commencement speech of her graduation and she said she didn’t remember a word. In order to write the speech she asked herself...

About the internet

Em 23/06/2020 por Nikoli Zasso Sá.
In recent years, the internet has developed and played a great role in people’s lives. We can find it in a lot of electronic devices such as television, telephones or computers, elements which we depend on, nowadays. However, even though it there are...

Text message

Em 05/05/2020 por Luiza Belegante Heinrichs.

Hey, you!
Why didn’t you show up to help us with the surprise party? Are you ok?
Well, we did quite a bit. We are almost done cooking and preparing the dance floor. Now we just need to blow the balloons. We are going to get together again tomorrow....

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