Viagem a Portugal

Em 14/11/2018 por Eduardo Fernandes Passaglia.
Trip to Portugal

Our trip in 3 started on August 25th and it was not as we had expected. First day in Lisbon we had to go to the hospital. Isadora had a fever during the flight and Nina lost her voice. But by the end of this very day we were able to...

About our next vacations

Em 09/11/2018 por Marcia Cristina Pereira Bremermann.
The next vacation we are going to Santa Catarina and Atlântida Beach too. We plan to stay at the beach for 20 days.
On the beach of Campeche we are going to celebrate new year’s with Luis’ family. His sister has a house there and his brother is...

About a different type of class

Em 08/11/2018 por M.
This text has been written by our Portuguese student. In order to read the whole text, please select Portuguese....

Sample email

Em 07/11/2018 por Rosa Mara Borges da Silveira.
Dear Valesca,

How are you? I’m very well. I came to London one week ago to study English at a language school. I want to improve my English. So, I decided to attend an English course for three months. I’m staying with my friend Madalena. She’s...

About my week

Em 06/11/2018 por Luis Enrique Elizeire Bremermann.
In recent weeks I have been doing shifts in which, in addition to the normal work I do in the removal of the spouse from the household, I have searched and seized electoral material from the Workers Party involving the name of Lula.
We spent the holiday...

About our next vacations

Em 05/11/2018 por Luis Enrique Elizeire Bremermann.
Our next vacation is going on the holiday period. We intend to celebrate Christmas on the beach of Atlântida, on the coast of our State, with Márcia’s family, her brother with his wife and son and my mother-in-law. On New Year’s Eve we are going...

Book review - 1984

Em 25/10/2018 por Nikoli Zasso Sá.
George Orwell, the author of the book, wrote 1984 in 1949. This book showed how he imagined the future. He wrote about things that almost everyone imagine when thinks about future, for example, electronic machines. There is an episode on the series ‘Black...

About spring

Em 11/10/2018 por Luis Enrique Elizeire Bremermann.
I like Spring because it is a season with pleasant weather when the flowers bloom. It was in the spring that I was born, and also my wife and my first daughter, so I really like this time of the year.

Written by Luis Enrique Eliezeire Bremermann...

Sample TOEFL independent writing task

Em 10/10/2018 por Gabriel Voelcker.
In some organizations, promotions are based on seniority, while in other organizations, they are based on performance. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each position. Then indicate which position you think is best and why.

The choice to...

News summary

Em 09/10/2018 por Rosa Mara Borges da Silveira.
Hong Kong families live in tiny units

In Hong Kong, a big and modern city, the poor people live in bad conditions. They live in places a little bigger than a king size bed. They need to pay five dollars per square foot. And besides, nine people need...

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