About my school

Em 01/11/2019 por Laura Bremermann.
My school is Pastor dohms. It is a big school in Porto Alegre. I have twelve subjects, which are these: Portuguese, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Literature, German, Geography, History and Arts. I play basketball...

About the world water crisis

Em 24/10/2019 por Samile Andrea de Souza Vanz.
The world water crisis

Water is considered a human right. Despite Earth being called the blue planet, just a small part of this blue water is clear and fresh: 97% is salt water, 2% is frozen and 1% is considered water for human consumption, which...

About my first date with my wife

Em 23/10/2019 por Diego Mariano da Rocha Santos.
My wife and I are married for one year. But, we dated for ten years. We became professional boyfriend and girlfriend. Going back in time, we met at a party. And our first date was dinner at Applebee’s restaurant. At the time I didn’t have a car. So...

About Juliana

Em 22/10/2019 por Juliana Wust Tedesco.
Hi I’m Juliana. I come from Santo Antônio. I live in Porto Alegre. I am married to Tomaz and we have a daughter Francesca. She is 4 years old. I’m a physiotherapist and I work with home visits to my patients.
I Love running. I ran 21km when I was...

Sobre uma viagem

Em 21/10/2019 por Marcio.
Hi everyone! Yes, It isn’t a dream! I writing this post from the heart of New York, inside Central Park. I’m here not only to achieve a dream, but to improve my English. I thought it would be easy, but it’s hard to wake up at 6AM every day and attend...

News summary

Em 18/10/2019 por Marcio .
Public Housing in Hong Kong

The news shows us how difficult it is for families who live in Hong Kong, that are waiting for public housing from the government and need to rent tiny rooms inside a shared apartment to live in. A family of a couple and...

About a trip

Em 17/10/2019 por Iris Hollick.
This text has been written by our Japanese student Iris Hollick. In order to read the whole text, please select Japanese....

About a school trip

Em 16/10/2019 por Henrique Flores.
This text has been written by our Japanese student Henrique Flores. In order to read the whole text, please select Japanese....

About my wife

Em 15/10/2019 por Marcio.
Vanessa Castro
Haircut Saloon administrator and a pet enthusiastic
1) What’s her background?
My wife is 37, we have a nine-year-old-boy and we all live together in Porto Alegre, Vila Nova neighborhood. She has a degree in Marketing, a line of Business...

About my best friend

Em 11/10/2019 por Diego Mariano da Rocha.
My best friend is called Marcus. We met in Capão Novo Beach. He was my neighbor. Marcus was the first person I met at the beach. A curious fact is that he dated my sister Vanessa for long years. Now, he’s married to Vanessa, but this vanessa isn’t...

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