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Em 05/05/2020 por Luiza Belegante Heinrichs.

Hey, you!
Why didn’t you show up to help us with the surprise party? Are you ok?
Well, we did quite a bit. We are almost done cooking and preparing the dance floor. Now we just need to blow the balloons. We are going to get together again tomorrow....

Video summary - TED

Em 04/05/2020 por Karena.
Can you really tell if a kid is lying?

By Kang Lee

Dr. Lee is a psychologist with experience in human development. His speech in TED is about his discoveries of how children learn to tell lies and their applications. His research with children all...

News summary

Em 30/04/2020 por Marcio.
A summary about a fake cancer medicine news

The World Health Organization (WHO) has advised there is a drug called Iclusig, for leukemia treatment, that is sold in the market with only paracetamol component. The health authorities from Switzerland...

About Lima

Em 29/04/2020 por Karena.
Lima, the largest city in Peru

Lima is the capital of Peru, founded by Francisco Pizarro on January 18, 1535. The city is located in west-central Peru on the valley of the Rímac River. Lima was a small city with a population size about of hundreds....

Movie summary - Ghostbusters

Em 28/04/2020 por Luiza Belegante Heinrichs.

A great Columbia University professor, Erin wrote a book about ghosts with her colleague Abby years ago. The work, which was never taken seriously, is discovered by her superiors and Erin loses her job. When a New York City subway employee...

Sample TOEFL independent writing task

Em 27/01/2020 por Guilherme Loss.
I think that getting a bachelor degree, in order to get better job opportunities is still the main purpose of people when they enter college or university. This fact caused the recent high proliferation of “cheaper” courses, offering bachelor degree...

Sample TOEFL independent writing task

Em 24/01/2020 por Joseane Biso de Carvalho.
People attend College or University for many reasons, including obtaining knowledge about a particularly chosen career. In Brazil, in my opinion the young attend University for obtaining better and qualified jobs, but there are many young people who...

About my school

Em 01/11/2019 por Laura Bremermann.
My school is Pastor dohms. It is a big school in Porto Alegre. I have twelve subjects, which are these: Portuguese, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Literature, German, Geography, History and Arts. I play basketball...

About the world water crisis

Em 24/10/2019 por Samile Andrea de Souza Vanz.
The world water crisis

Water is considered a human right. Despite Earth being called the blue planet, just a small part of this blue water is clear and fresh: 97% is salt water, 2% is frozen and 1% is considered water for human consumption, which...

About my first date with my wife

Em 23/10/2019 por Diego Mariano da Rocha Santos.
My wife and I are married for one year. But, we dated for ten years. We became professional boyfriend and girlfriend. Going back in time, we met at a party. And our first date was dinner at Applebee’s restaurant. At the time I didn’t have a car. So...

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