About my trip

Em 08/09/2021 por Samile.
On August 21st 2019 I travelled to Orlando with my family. The trip was amazing. The city is very beautiful and there are a lot of things to do besides visiting the famous parks. Driving around is easy, there are a lot of signs to help people find their...

About my mornings

Em 19/08/2021 por Cassiano.
My name is Cassiano. I am a student and I am twelve years old. I usually get up at 6:30 or 6:45. My mom gets up at 6:20. I have breakfast at 7:00. My dad has breakfast later. I get dressed and I sometimes go to school or I have online class. At 10:00...

About the Corona virus

Em 18/08/2021 por Marina Aspesi.
My cause for concern at the moment is the new virus called Corona-virus. I want to talk about this virus because it’s spreading a lot and it’s been considered a Global Health Emergency.

Let me explain why. Coronavirus disease is a respiratory...

About the Titanic

Em 16/08/2021 por Marcio.
The Titanic was a British Ship built to be the biggest and safest vessel. Its first cruise would be across the Atlantic sea between Southampton, in England, and New York, in the US. It departed Southampton on April 10, 1912, toward New York. The ship...

The Trojan Horse

Em 05/08/2021 por Marcio.
The Trojan Horse

The Greeks and the Trojans had been at war for ten years. The Greek army was tired after many battles and remained camped near the city of Troy, when the Greek king Odisseus had a good idea to win the war: he decided to build a huge...

Body Language

Em 23/07/2021 por Nikoli Zasso Sá.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, people were forced to practice social distancing and obliged to stay at home, far away from their loved ones for a long period. Based on that, socializing became 100% online, which may have caused more feelings of doubt and...

Book summary - Moonlight Over Manhattan

Em 21/07/2021 por Andrea Hoffmann da Rocha.
Moonlight Over Manhattan

by Sarah Morgan

This book is a love story that happens in Manhattan, New York. It´s about Harriet´s life. She is a lovely girl who lives in Manhattan. She is a dog walker and loves dogs and her work. Harriet has a twin...

About my wife

Em 30/06/2021 por Angelo Silva.
My Wife

I met Daniele 16 years ago in a barbecue at my brother in law’s house.

We went out for two weeks and we fell in love and started dating more seriously.

I lived in Porto Alegre and she lived in Santo Angelo 400km away.

We dated for...

About a wonderful trip

Em 23/06/2021 por Andrea Hoffmann da Rocha.
A wonderful trip
This year my family, my husband Rafael and my daughter Sarah and I went to the United Stated for the first time. I planned this trip for a long time. I needed to get a visa, then I bought the airline tickets and organized our itinerary....

About Cassiano

Em 22/06/2021 por Cassiano.
Hello my name is Cassiano. I’m 11 years old. My birthday is September 24th. I was born in Brazil and I live in Porto Alegre. My father and mother are Brazilian too. I speak Portuguese and English.

Written by Cassiano...

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