The Namesake - Movie Review

Em 15/02/2008
Sent by our student Ana Letícia Vanz de Souza

Plot summary:

The movie tells the story of American born Gogol and his Indian family. His parents came to New York after they got married in Calcuta. They had two children: Gogol and Sonia. Now that...

Dustin Hoffman

Em 30/01/2008
Written by our student Claudio Dornelles Leães

My favorite actor is Dustin Hoffman because I think he has great interpretation, specially in the movie Rain Man.

Hoffman was born in California on August 8, 1937. He wanted to become a doctor, but...

Oficina graduates its first student

Em 04/01/2008
Suélen Oliveira, together in the picture with her teacher Rogério, after studying at Oficina de Letras since its foundation in 2005, finished the Advanced course and then the English program. In 2008, Suélen will continue to study in order to keep...

Movie review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Em 12/12/2007
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a very good action movie. The story is about the fifth year of Harry in Hogwarts school. Harry has taken a seat in the Order of the Phoenix. That's a secret society that Dumbledore has created to fight Voldemort....

Saint Lucy and Christmas

Em 06/12/2007
Shortly before Christmas, it is celebrated in Sweden Saint Lucy's Day. It's the beginning of the celebration of Christmas and it is characterized mostly by the picture of a young girl dressed in white who carries a crown of candles over her head. Get...

Hello, from China

Em 04/12/2007
A testimonial from our student who's living in China!

Hi Teacher!

How are you?

I am fine, very happy here in China. I am attending some Chinese Classes because just few people speak English here. It is great to know some words to talk with...

New site on!

Em 03/12/2007
Oficina de Letras' website has a new look. Now our students can interact with the teachers posting their comments on the news, download exercises and check out the photos of our events.

Soon all new content will be available in all the languages offered...

Teacher's day!

Em 15/10/2007
Message sent by one of our students on Teacher's Day.

Hi Teacher !

Congratulations for the Teacher`s Day !!

Do you know that this day is considered Teacher's Day in Brazil due to an Imperial Law that established, for the first time, rules and...

First Oficina de Letras Get Together

Em 06/07/2007
Students and teachers got together for the first time outside the classroom. Traditional food from Japan and Sweden cheered up the gathering -- a fun and relaxing way to finish the semester.
The picture shows the moment when Japanese students sing...